Monday, December 3, 2018

Belted Oversized Sweater

Hi friends! 
It's been a hot minute since I've posted here...let me tell you why.
I'm just gonna be straight up with ya for a minute...
I feel like I try so stinkin' hard to have amazing photos to post...but the thing is, I don't
have amazing photos to post. Phew. Ugh....I'd love to have crystal clear and perfectly edited pictures
to post here & on Instagram. But y'all, IT'S HARD. And exhausting.
1) I am not a photographer (nor is my husband)
2) IDK how in the heck to use Lightroom?! 

So, what you're probably going to be seeing a lot of is imperfect pictures. 
But hey, isn't that kinda the "thing" right now anyways?! #nofilter

Tonight's post I am re-styling this chunky oversized sweater that I've had for a while!
I got soooo many questions when I posted it last so I've also found some similar options that will
be at the end of the post!

Style trick: Belt your big sweaters!
Heck, add a belt to whatever you want. In my opinion, it takes an outfit 
up a notch!

SWEATER old, more options below! // JEANS Gap (I cut mine)
BELT old, similar here & here // BOOTS old Nine West, similar here & here
PURSE Michael Kors // SUNGLASSES old Target, love these

xo, Megan

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