Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hair Inspo (& exciting news)

long bob with beachy wavesmaxiLove
haircutLove everything about this pictureHer hair
Fashion Bananas: GREEN CROCHETfall fancylove her hair
Mena Suvari Medium Straight Cut with BangshairIn love with her hair
Want this hairgreat bobshoulder length hair
all images via pinterest

Y'all noticing a trend?
I just recently got my haircut to about my shoulders and I'm loving all these styles.
Anyways, I just thought I should let y'all know that Anna of Fash Boulevard started following my blog. Well, she also commented on one of my posts. I probably sound like a freak but I was pretty darn excited. If you don't already read her blog daily, you should!
Until next time,

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  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
    Lovely greets Nessa