Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pottery Barn/World Market

One of my favorite places in the whole wide design world is Pottery Barn.
However, I cannot always afford every beautiful piece they have to offer, so I find myself looking for DIY's or cheaper versions of their products.
Cost Plus/World Market is AMAZING. I am in love with every single thing on their website & am dreaming of the day I get to go into the store.
Check out this accent table I spotted while browsing through the PB catalog:
Bamileke Carved Wood Side Table
Bamileke Carved Wood Side Table
Absolutely love.
Find it at Pottery Barn for $299.00

If you're like me & can't afford a 300 dollar side table, feast your eyes on this:

World Market
On sale now for $99.00 (reg. price $149.00)

I actually like this one better. Not because it is HALF the price, but because I like the color better.
If you would rather have the dark wood, you could stain this one and it would still be cheaper!


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