Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pinterest Recreations

Here's the deal.
If I had a dollar for every time: a)I've heard someone say they wish they had their pinterest closet, or b)I've wished I had my pinterest closet-- I would have my pinterest closet!
The thing is, you have got to be creative! You don't have to look exactly like the pictures on pinterest. Sure, you may sometimes have the pieces to perfectly recreate that outfit....but sometimes you may not.
Use different colors, textures, etc.
Most of all, use your imagination!
I am going to start doing "Pinterest Recreation" posts, to hopefully give some inspiration.
(Plus it's fun for me!)
So here goes.
Black & Tan @ RestyleRestoreRejoice
I love her blog so much! Check it out when you have time!
My version:
(sorry for the bad picture quality)
Scarf:F21 Top:TJMaxx White Tank:Target Jeans:Masons Boots:TJMaxx
Earings:Target Bracelet:F21 Watch:NY&Co
There ya'll go. :)
Until next time,

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