Friday, September 2, 2011

Get Inspired...

Alright, I am going to post about something I really love to do. Decorating!
This is mostly just inspiration, but who doesn't want to look at gorgeous pictures of other people's homes?!

I recently talked my mom into revamping her living room, and it is under construction! I will post before and after pictures later when it is all finished! I'll let you in on how we did it on a cheap budget too!

For now, get a look at these amazing, inspiring ideas!

How fun are these chairs?!

And look at this's beautiful!! It looks so real!

Love! Of course, a pool inside your living room isn't the most practical. I love the western, eclectic look of this room. The beams are gorgeous as well!
That's all for now, however; there is more to come!
Meg :)

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