Saturday, August 20, 2011

Maxi Skirt Madness...

Hi dolls! I have had a major case of maxi skirt madness lately. We have seen these skirts everywhere from the runway to the streets of Hollywood, but maybe wonder if we ourselves can pull it off... I am here to give inspiration and show you how to do it and where to get 'em for an awesome price!

Love this simple black maxi skirt with a button up tied at the waist. The top gives the outfit balance. Great for fall and cooler weather. Simple and Gorgeous. (glasspenny.blogspot)

All of these demonstrate how adorable a maxi skirt is for summer, add a flirty tank or a summer scarf and you are set! Don;t add too many accesories, though...keep it fun and simple. (

This is another great option for fall...booties, a belt, & a hat. Simple enough. Chic enough. (

This is a look I am not a fan of. The shirt is just to boxy and big! Make sure you keep it balnced! Wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you ;)

Here are some places to check out....

Glam it up with this one..

Find one with lace details..

Well, hopefully this helped ease your mind about trying out this trend for yourself! Check your local bargain shops as well, I scored a brown maxi skirt at TJMaxx today for $7.50!

Meg :)

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  1. Great first post! Any ideas for girls on the smaller side, like myself?