Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get "SPOTTED" in Denim

Tired of your same old blue jeans? Change it up with some fierce prints! Celebs from Mandy Moore to Heidi Klum have been "spotted" wearing animal print denim. Here is some inspiration...

Heidi Klum in a pair of Python printed pants.

CurrentElliot leopard jeans.
You can have these for around $200..

Mandy Moore keeps it simple with ballet flats and a grey tee.

Notice none of these looks are to over the top. Be sure and keep it simple! Grey, white, and black would be your best bet for pants like these. If you are feeling adventurous, mix your patterns (stripes or geometric shapes would go great!)

Check out Urban Outfitters to find a pair of your own "spotted" denim!
(click on the words "urban outfitters" above)
They have pairs ranging from $58-$66!

What do you all think of this trend?
I think it is a great, fun alternative to everyday denim! Try it out!
Meg :)

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